The Dramatic End To My Probation

Mar 20, 2014 4 Comments ›› Nancy

My very final probation meeting was scheduled for tomorrow. I decided to call the office to verify the time and date. A woman answers, asks for my name and tells me to hold. She then comes back on and says "Guess what... your done!"   Evidently they ended my probation the 19th of last ...

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US Militarized police raids

Swatting America

May 28, 2013 No Comments ›› Nancy

Those in the loop on the truth behind the War on Drugs know that one of the many abusive things it has spawned is SWAT raids. For a short recap on the topic, raids originated in the 60's but were not utilized regularly until the 80's when the drug war was declared by Reagan. Once ...

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My Life as a Felon (or business as usual… sorta.)

May 10, 2013 No Comments ›› Nancy

I made my farewell post over a year ago as I had to move onto other things in my life, one of which was to focus on my health. I'm a huge advocate for standing up and making a difference where we can, which is what I tried to do by sharing my story and ...

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The Right To Live

Jan 12, 2012 1 Comment ›› Nancy

The new year is always seems to make many of us reflect on our lives and I'm certainly no different. Brand new years always hold much excitement for me… I love new beginnings and the anticipation of what might happen during the upcoming months. I've been lucky in that my husband and I have had ...

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I've Been Raided By the Hot Springs Police Dept. And All I Got Was This Lousy Felony.

I’ve Been Raided and all I Got Was This Lousy Felony

Nov 26, 2011 Comments Off Nancy

This month marks the anniversary of the day my home was attacked in military fashion by my local police, who after breaking down my door and running through my home with automatic rifles while screaming, then handcuffed me and took me away to jail while my young granddaughter and daughter watched. Luckily we didn't have ...

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Pain, Pain Go Away – Chronic Pain and How the Drug War Allows Millions to Suffer

Nov 15, 2011 3 Comments ›› Nancy

NOTE: All photos included in this article are real people suffering physical pain. Ever had a toothache or any kind of severe pain that no over the counter meds would touch? You literally live for the moment that it's gone. Luckily many types of the pain we experience are temporary. Now imagine for a minute that ...

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Fear the Great Motivator

Best Motivator Ever!

Oct 25, 2011 1 Comment ›› Nancy

This past week Wolcott High School in Connecticut went into lockdown. The school authorities announced over the intercom that there was a threatening intruder in the building and the kids needed to get into their classrooms to be safe. Good sound advice, except for one thing: there was no intruder. It was a lie perpetuated ...

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Nancy and Grandaughter Alyssa - We are the 99%

Silence is the Same as Consent

Oct 17, 2011 No Comments ›› Nancy

Through my constant reading of online news feeds and articles I came across the  "We are the 99 Percent tumblr blog. It is a place for the 99% to put their messages out via photo form as to how our current government and economic situation has affected them.  Citizens hold up a handwritten sign with ...

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Say What???

Oct 12, 2011 No Comments ›› Nancy

  "The great mass of people...  will more easily  fall victim to a big lie than to a small one." ~Hitler    There is a fact of logic that is being left by the wayside in our country. It's the idea that just because someone in an authoritative position says something, it does ...

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"So Many Questions" By Roy Rivers

“So Many Questions” Now Available!

Oct 5, 2011 1 Comment ›› Nancy

Entertainer Roy Rivers, (who also happens to be my husband), just released this single in connection with my new book. I spoke of this song and  included the lyrics in the book (page 128) as it connects so wonderfully with the issues we are now seeing in society that not only allowed for my arrest, ...

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